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Ska is a music form that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s and was part of the culture of the first wave of Jamaicans that went to England during the 1950s and 60s.

Laurel Aitken is one of the pioneers that brought Ska to the UK and wider Europe. His efforts have helped to establish Ska as one of the world’s major dance music forms.
Ska’s vibrancy is contagious and soon the British public were imitating the dance moves and music. Many were so impressed with the new sound they changed its name to Blue Beat. It was not long before they were creating their own variation of the new music. The new fusion was called Two Tone.
Two Tone is a mixture of Punk Rock and Ska, This combination has become very successful and remains so. One of the chief exponents of Punk Rock is the band called the Sex Pistols.
Two Tone is going strong in the UK and Europe and is helping to establish Ska Globally. Some UK Two Tone Bands that are leading the way are …
Madness, The SelectorThe Specials, Symarip Pyramids, Buster Blood Vessel, The Estimators, The Beat,

Ska is one of or possibly the most successful dance music form in the world today. Ska Festivals attendance is among the fastest growing live music audiences and out strips most other music Festivals Globally. The future of Ska is positive as there is no indication of a slowing in its growth and influence.

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