Laurel Aitken

Heritage Of Ska

Laurel Aitken – A Legend (Ska / Blue Beat)

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It will be very hard to find an artist above Laurel Aitken that did more to establish Ska in Europe. In a recording career that spanned over 45 years. Laurel Aitken (1927 – 2005) was one of the founding fathers of Ska. He had only # 1 Top one Hundred record in the UK, his influence far our strips his commercial success (or lack of it) Laurel enjoyed prolonged and renewed success following the resurgence of interest in Ska brought on about by the new sub genre 2 Tone.

Born in Cuba and raised in Jamaica. Lauren moved to London where he lived from the early1960s. After many years of successfully establishing Ska in Londan. He moved and settled in Leicester from the mid 1970s onwards.

His career spanned the development of Jamaica’s music from Mento and Negro Spirituals through to DanceHall. Laurel Aitken was still playing Gigs well into his 70s.

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