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1The Heritage of Ska Festival (HOS Fest) is a commercially viable business that has Social, Economic and Educational benefits to the wider world and more specifically to the community where it’s staged. It is an Open Air Live Music and Arts event held over 2 days with special emphasis on Ska, featuring Musicians and Artists from all over the world.
Ska originated in Jamaica, West Indies in the early 1950s. It is the Mother of the universally recognised Reggae. Out of Ska also came the Sound System DJ-ing (Jamaican) and Rap (American).
It is reasonable to believe that most people who enjoy popular music do not know that Ska has a part to play in the music they enjoy. Ska is a composition of at least 3 great music forms, the Blues, R&B, and Mento. (Mento is Jamaica folk music originating from a collection of different African rhythms which the people brought with them to the Plantations on the Island). Formal Ballroom dancing was the order of the day until Ska emerged. The Sound System followed and gave the communities greater access to the newest records so that everybody could dance and enjoy the new songs. Freestyle dancing began to share the stages with other forms of dancing. Ska was brought to Europe by the Windrush immigrants. It quickly became popular and has since experienced mild transformations and name changes such as Punk Rock, Blue Beat, and Two Tone. The Sound System also followed and has been dominating Europe ever since.
Because Ska has played such a massive role in popular music, yet has never had its moment in the limelight like Reggae has. We believe it’s time for the world to know more about this beautiful music. Chris Blackwell was a very brave man with great faith when he invested in Reggae by promoting the Wailers, which subsequently became Bob Marley and the Wailers. The world is a better place through the faith of Mr, Blackwell and we believe that through the faith of Heritage of Ska Team the Heritage of Ska Festivals can do as well or even better than its Son, Reggae music has done. These Festivals will succeed in creating jobs, improving lives, and making the world an even nicer place to live in.
2The intention for the Heritage of Ska Festival is make it into an annual International Festival starting in London, UK and franchising it across the world similar to KFC and Coca Cola. The revenue streams harnessed will be impressive. We owe it to ourselves and the 21st Century to introduce something new and sustainable. Because Ska is a collection of so many different music forms, the Heritage of Ska Festival will share its stages with as many Music and Art forms as possible.
The HOS Fest will also have a 21st Century approach to its Charity contributions. Education and Health will be the main targets. Ideally if one knows how to catch a fish you won’t have to feed him or her. If one is not constantly hungry it’s more likely one will remain healthy and develop resistance against many diseases.
Technology has helped to enhance our lives by changing the way we communicate and live in the Global Community. Music has and will remain one of our greatest forms of communication. If we add other Art forms to this method we will inevitably have more harmony and greater levels of prosperity across the world. As Ska is a Symphony, so should the Heritage of Ska Festivals be. “Bringing Together To Share”.


3After more than 25 years in the Music Industry it became apparent that the kind of unreasonable Contracts we were being offered were not going to get any better. We decided in 2011 to set up HOS Entertainments to help us and our fellow Artistes improve our lives by producing and performing at our own events. This decision has been very demanding and also very rewarding. We quickly realized that it is not as hard as we thought. Producing our own events as the major music companies would have done, even though we did them on a much smaller scale, gave us confidence and greater belief in our decision to set up our own company. HOS Entertainments differs from the mainstream industry because we endeavour to be more inclusive of other Art forms and the Local Community in our Productions and Performances wherever we present an event. This is the main reason why HOS Entertainments as an Entertainment Development Company, with the motto: “Develop to Achieve”, differs from the mainstream that mainly invests in Artists that are already developed.

Music and the Arts have always been a large part of the Cultural development of the human family and HOS Entertainments will be continuing the strengthening of this union as we proceed through the 21st Century.

Our view is that the unification of the Arts will benefit the global community significantly. It is very easy to continue in the dis-unified and profiteering approach to the Arts by only promoting Music and leaving the other Art forms behind to languish in un-necessary poverty.

We are very fortunate to be at a point in time where we are able to share in the transitional development of the global community in the early decades of the 21st Century.

We want to play a part in this development where we have not only globally recognised Music superstars but also globally renowned Arts communities where the profits gained will be shared more fairly.

The potential of this approach is phenomenal. Abba of Sweden and the Jamaica Music industry already set the precedent in building the future that we envisage.

The technology and skills available to us give us confidence in our belief that our vision will come to fruition.

4Our first major event, ‘The Heritage of Ska Festival’, set for July 2012 in London is a prototype of our dream. We will including the local community as much as is possible. We will assess its talent pool, develop it where necessary, and promote it. The infrastructure necessary for our events will be sourced from the local community where possible. Local businesses will be offered the opportunity to support the events as they see fit.

We have the skill and technology to make the HOS Entertainments Brand a global success and as we develop and achieve we will replicate our success.

The second half of the 20th Century has been arguably the most advanced period in human history. However we did not benefit fully from this period of great success because we failed to master the art of Fairness and Equity.

We aim to bring about a more level playing field so that the contributors to Music and the Arts will benefit more fairly from the contributions they make. The combination of Music and the Arts in the same Events Village is an idea that has the potential to gradually correct the imbalance.

Market forces have helped Music to enhance its ability to communicate more effectively and because of help music has received it hassucceeded enormously on a global level! Unfortunately, it is curtailing its success by neglecting the other Art forms.

We at HOS Entertainments believe that our idea of inclusivity will grow and continue to succeed in a way the world has never before experienced.

Imagine a combination of Musical Artistes, Performing Artistes, and Visual Artists all presenting their work in the same Events Village:

PAGE---007 --- VILLAGE MARKETMusical and Performing Artisteslike: Burning Spear, and Cold Play, Toots and the Maytals, U2, Third World, Britney Spears, Ziggy Marley, Lady Gaga, Baaba Maal, Marcia Griffiths, and Lenny Kravitz…   Poets, Rappers, and Gugglers. Writers…

Sculptors and Painterslike: Marijah IvI, Charles Borrell, Faith Ringgold, Suzanne Ouedranogo, Anish Kapoor, Nancy Doyle, Owusu Ankomah, Mallica (Kapo) Reynolds, and Ai Wei Wei… Dance forms and Dancersfrom: Modern and Creative, the Bolshoi Ballet, Swan Lake,  Quadrille, Mash Potato, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tap.

The Socio Economic benefits to the local and global communities would be unquantifiable.

HOS Entertainments will be endeavouring to harness the unifying ability of all the Arts when and where possible for the benefit of the Human Family. Gradually we will develop to a stage of maturity where we are better able to appreciate our variety as we share the wealth we create.

We will have achieved a part of this dream at the close of each event.

To begin the process of fulfilling this dream we are guided by our able Team.


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