The Influence

Heritage Of Ska


Long before Jamaica’s music became internationally recognised and commercially viable. There were people laying the foundation paving the way for a culture and its music. It is doubtful they had any idea of the impact their effort would have had on the world.

The people who made it happen very seldom gets rewarded or recognised for their commitment. In keeping with our  ethos to bring Music and the Arts closer together for the benefit of a wider global community we aim to shine the spotlight on some of the people, places, and things we hear too little or nothing about.


Ska is unique for its ability to unify people wherever it is played. It has given birth to Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, 2 Tone(Twotone), Blue Beat and other genres. Ska has been and is still influencing and inspiring musicians and artists all over the world.
Rico RodriquezOwen Gray and Ernest Ranglin are three of the true veterans who have given the world Ska.  World music would not be the same without the contribution of these dignified and committed men.  The contributions they have made to world peace through music are incalculable.  After them,  came a whole lot of musicians some of them shown below.

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